Most Urgent Problem: Penis Size and Enlargement Methods

The girl measured a big dick

Ask any psychologist a question and you'll always hear five dear words: "Penis size doesn't matter. " However, men still continue to worry about this imaginary problem and are constantly looking for ways to enlarge their penis. And yes, there are ways. However, surgery or the use of all types of medication is not considered safe.

Average parameters of male dignity

Not only psychologists, but doctors too are convinced that penis size is not that important. A member of any size can please a partner. Approximately 95% of all members of the Homo sapiens population are of average size - 9 cm in a relaxed state and about 12-13 cm in an erect state. And a very small number of men have a bigger or smaller penis.

what women themselves think

When women are asked what they want from their "ideal" lover, they constantly talk about physical attractiveness, caring, kindness, attentiveness, sense of humor, loyalty, ultimately. For many girls, a very important point is the presence of certain common interests and values. And very few respondents mention this indicator as penis size.

Finally, psychotherapists and sexologists consistently report that their clients almost never complain about the size of their partners' penises. Based on these rather weighty arguments, it should be clear why size really doesn't have such an absorbing meaning.

Where does this aspiration come from?

But the men continue with the tenacity of the sheep in developing plans to increase their limbs. Probably the reason for this obsessive compulsion is that one day they could see a huge dick in one of the porn videos. Or get an email ad for some "miracle" remedy to instantly triple your penis.

A man looks at a limb through a magnifying glass.

Men are convinced (as are other men) that a big cock is the main way to please a woman. Supposedly, a large penis stretches the vagina more and penetrates deeper.

Points to remember: health status

Of course, an extra inch in that regard won't hurt anyone. What can you do to enlarge your penis? Let's start with some important caveats.

Important Tips

  • Forget about medicines and all kinds of drugs. They are sold by cynical fraudsters, just hungry for profit. No pill can enlarge the penis.
  • Forget surgery. Increasing the girth and length of the penis is a very expensive and equally risky operation. To perform it, it is necessary to cut the ligament responsible for the erection. This, of course, can add an extra inch to the length of the penis. But you need to understand that an erection may not return. The limb will simply hang indecently between the legs.
  • Stop smoking. The size of a relaxed or erect penis, in one way or another, depends on the amount of blood it contains. The poorer the blood supply, the smaller the penis. Smoking narrows the arteries - including those that carry blood to the penis.
  • Smoking impairs erection
  • Practice exercises regularly. It will also increase blood flow to the penile area. But remember that the penis itself cannot be pumped like the biceps. The penis contains smooth muscle and does not swing like other muscles in the body.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Eat less meat and cheese; Eat more fruits and vegetables. This will lower your cholesterol levels, which will also have a beneficial effect on the state of your circulatory system. Try to go one or two days a week without meat and cheese. Also, eat 5-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. They contain antioxidants that help keep your arteries healthy.
  • Get rid of the fat. "Lifebuoy" visually decreases penis size. If you get rid of excess belly fat, it will automatically decrease at the base of the penis; then it will be great.
  • Learn to deal with stress. When the fight-or-flight response is triggered in our body, it also has a direct impact on the state of the circulatory system. When a man experiences anxiety (including anxiety about penis size), blood flow decreases. Which also leads to a shrinking of the penis. In a calm state, on the other hand, the muscles relax and blood flow increases. Consequently, the member also becomes bigger.
Stress leads to penis shrinkage

"Cool" Ways to Enlarge Your Penis

One of the popular and safe ways to temporarily enlarge your penis is with special rings. They are donut-shaped rubber devices that fit comfortably on the erect penis. They are used to maintain an erection; however, they can also be used to temporarily increase manhood size.

Another method is pumps: small plastic devices that can create a vacuum around the penis. The effect of using the bomb is, of course, temporary.

But in general, it is worth remembering that only 25% of women experience an orgasm during penetration of the penis into the vagina. So the best thing is to accept it from nature and stop worrying about a problem that is worthless.

Men and women are beings from different planets or even from different universes. But that's all the pleasure of the relationship. The representatives of the opposite sex are "assembled" like puzzles and are in perfect harmony with each other. It's only important to discover a few secrets that will create a happy and wonderful relationship.