Penis Enlargement Massage

penis enlargement massage

Penis Enlargement Massage is a free way to add a few inches of length and girth to your manhood. The principle of its work is the prolonged lengthening of the organ, which causes its enlargement. Tissues react to stress by increasing cell division, and gradually additional inches are added to the size of the phallus.

Many people ask about Thai penis enlargement massage, but it doesn't work for penis enlargement. This article will detail how to enlarge the penis with massage, ie jelqing. Jelqing is a massage known for penis enlargement since ancient times. It's worth starting with exercises for beginners.

Penis Enlargement Massage: Beginner's Program

The basic program for beginners includes vascular (pumping) and stretching. It is advisable to purchase a healing agent for abrasions and bruises. Although there should be no injuries if the exercises are performed correctly, it's best to play it safe. Also, a special cream will help restore tissue metabolism after exercise.

The program for beginners is selected individually and independently. Change the exercises until you find the correct ones.

How to give a penis enlargement massage:

  • 5 minutes - warm up;
  • 5 minutes - stretching for 30 seconds, 10 reps;
  • 10 minutes - the real jelq, ie vascular exercises. 200 moves are done with both hands at the same time. Each move takes 3 seconds;
  • 5 minutes of heating;
  • Kegel exercises: repeat the contraction for five seconds 50 times.

You need to train for 2 days, after a day you need to rest. Do this for 6 weeks, at the end of which the stretch should be 10 minutes and the jelq should be 30.

Beginner program in detail

We propose to familiarize you in detail and in detail how to enlarge your penis with the help of massage. It is important to follow the sequence of actions and exercise regularly. As you adapt, your penis will grow stronger and exercise intensity will increase. Here are several options on how to enlarge your penis at home with massage using alternative methods.

Step one: hot dressing. . . Moist heat makes the penis more elastic, minimizing the possibility of accidental injury due to sudden, careless movements. Therefore, penis enlargement with massage starts with warming up.

Wrap a loofah or similar material soaked in hot water around the penis (but not the scrotum) and when the compress cools, warm it up and re-wrap the penis. During the warm-up, massage the organ through the "dressing" for 5 to 10 minutes for the warm-up.

It is effective to use a hydraulic pump for this. In addition to warming the tissues and increasing blood and lymph circulation, this "hydro massage" to enlarge the penis will help to increase the size of the penis. This will happen due to the maximum filling of the corpora cavernosa with blood.

Step two: stretching. . . There are several types of manual stretching, each affecting a specific part of the organ and ligaments. The main effort is not on the shaft of the penis, but on the ligaments; due to its elongation, the hidden part of the phallus will be released. The first results in penis enlargement are only associated with this phenomenon.

stretching exercises

Stretches are exercises that increase the elasticity of ligaments and tunics.

  • Stretching for the Upper Ligaments. . . Hold the penis with an inverted OK grip (double thumb and forefinger in an OK sign, palm facing down). Slowly move your hand down, stretching the organ, for 10-30 seconds. Add a second arm to increase the deadlift.
  • Stretching. . . This penis enlargement massage technique targets the tunic of the penis. Grasp the penis in a reverse OK grip, slowly pull it up, hold it in a straightened position for 10-30 seconds. Clamp your other hand to increase tension.
  • Side stretches. . . This is a massage to enlarge the penis by applying a stretching force to the superior ligaments on the left and right. Stretch your penis first down and to the right, then down and to the left. You will feel how the ligaments stretch - first from the upper left corner, then from the upper right corner.
  • Screw elongation. . . Grasping the penis with a reverse OK grip, pull it down and slide it to the left, counterclockwise. Move in a circle, after passing the top point, continue to move counterclockwise. In the next approach, repeat the same, but clockwise.
  • Bts stretching. . . Place your foot on a chair or bench, bring your hand back and grasp the penis from behind with a reverse OK grip. Pull the organ between your legs, then lower the raised leg and hold the organ straight for 5 minutes.
  • If during the first two months there has been no movement in the direction of growth, it is advisable to give a longer massage to enlarge and strengthen the penis, in order to lengthen the protein membrane (tunic).

    Vascular Exercise

    Before vascular exercises. Its meaning is to stretch the corpora cavernosa with blood pressure, forcing them from the base to the head. Distinguish between dry and wet jelq - with or without lubrication. Oiled Jelqing is recommended for beginners to avoid injury.

    Wet jelq looks like a simple action, but it has many pitfalls and can take months to master. Start slowly, gradually increasing the intensity so as not to create excessive tissue tension. The first two months will be used to get used to and strengthen the blood vessels, after which the risk of damage will decrease.

    Which massage will help to enlarge the penis most effectively - vascular or stretching - cannot be answered unequivocally. Both exercises are effective, but they work in different ways. Which massage to choose for penis enlargement is up to you, but we advise you to combine the two types.

    Jelqing is also a penile massage to increase potency, as increased blood flow helps to increase libido.

    Note: There are two types of OK grip, palm up is standard and palm down is reverse.

    Wet Jelq Exercise 1

    Warm yourself with a towel or hydro-pump, apply a special cream (eg "Persa Shah") on your hands and penis. You can use another cream that does not irritate the mucous membranes.

    Hand-press a standard OK grip (palm up) at the base of the phallus in a 60-80% erection state, drive forward toward the head for 2-3 seconds. Having reached the glans, hold the base of the penis with the other hand in the same way, repeat the movement. Change hands and keep repeating.

    Wet Reverse Grip Jelq Exercise 2

    With a reverse OK-grip, the palm "looks" down. Squeeze your fingers at the base of the genital organ, move it forward and down. As you approach the head, connect the other hand - also squeeze the fingers with a reverse OK grip at the base. Release the first hand, and when the second hand reaches the head, grasp the base of the penis again with the first hand and continue the exercise.

    After 10 minutes of repetitions (if you've been doing this for a while, it might be longer), the phallus will look larger and stay that way for several hours. It is an effective massage to increase the thickness of the penis. It is helpful to conduct a session with a hydro-pump, or at least to wrap the organ in a warm compress.

    Dry Jelq - for those who have already taken the first steps

    Exercise 1 - standard grip

    Perform this technique when the phallus is 60-80% erect. With a normal OK grip, squeeze your fingers into the base, move your hand forward, feeling the blood pump and pressure build in the shaft of the penis. 1 cm from the head, release the fingers and lower them, but without losing hand contact with the organ. Repeat. From start to return to starting position, 2-3 seconds should elapse.

    Exercise 2 - reverse grip

    Squeezing your fingers at the base of the penis in a reverse grip, bring them forward for 2-3 seconds, loosen your hand and come back.

    Exercise 3 - C-shaped footprint

    The C grip is the finger grip of the penis, when, unlike the OK grip, the fingertips do not close but form the letter C. Follow the fingers, as in the exercises above, over the same amount of time.

    Tips for Beginners: How to Massage Your Penis to Enlarge It

    You should not perform the movements at full strength - at first this will not lead to better performance. Everything has its time. Too weak to hold the penis with your fingers is also not necessary. Ideal if you feel the tension of the pumped blood.

    A beginner should not exercise during a full erection. Wait until it weakens to 80%. One hundred percent erection during jelq is an exercise for advanced users of the technique.

    During jelqing, the capillaries may burst, which is manifested by the appearance of red dots. This is an unwanted, albeit harmless, side effect. Spend more time warming up and developing the effort not abruptly but gradually.

    Kegel Contractions

    So above we gave the answer on how to enlarge the penis with massage. But penis enlargement massage also includes Kegel exercises. It consists of the voluntary contraction of the muscles that control urination. As a result, the rigidity of the erection increases, but that is not the goal in this case, although the effect is delight for any man.

    The muscle involved during Kegel exercises is essential for an effective jelq. Furthermore, the quality of sex life increases.

    How to do the Kegel contraction:

    • when urinating, take a break, you will feel a muscle that is tense in this second;
      try to force it apart from the other pelvic muscles. This exercise is called Kegel contraction;
    • contract the muscle 100 times, keeping it tense for 3 seconds.

    Finally, warm up again with a warm compress or hydropump. Training is over! Do it regularly and you can enlarge your penis with massages and achieve the result of your dreams!

    if something went wrong

    In the early stages, when the beginner has not yet figured out how to augment the male limb with massage, mistakes are possible. Most of the time, this is excessive zeal, which leads to overtraining of the tissues as a result of too much effort with the hands.

    Some even begin to question whether it's possible to enlarge the penis with massage after seeing the physical indicators of overtraining. It's not hard to locate them. If you do everything correctly, positive indicators will indicate this:

    • daily erection in the morning;
    • multiple spontaneous erections during the day;
    • in a calm state, the limb became more massive;
    • the penis is soft to the touch, as if it were swollen;
    • the erection strengthened.

    The fact that it is worth lowering the load or increasing the rest in 1 day will be signaled by the following negative symptoms:

    • the erection disappeared in the morning;
    • with sexual excitement, the penis is less tense than we would like;
    • in a calm state, the organ became "wrinkled";
    • the penis hardened and contracted;
    • on the skin - small abrasions, microtrauma.

    Do not forget that the adaptation period lasts up to two months, and there is no need to rush, as this time to prepare for loads is more serious. Take measurements in a month, at which point the first results usually appear - "beginner's gain". Due to increased tissue tone, the organ is better supplied with blood and dilated.

    Advice! Measurements before starting training:

    • the length of an organ stretched without an erection with a ruler pressed into the pubic skin;
    • the length of the phallus erect, the ruler is pressed into the pubis;
    • the length of the organ excited with a ruler not pressed into the pubic tissue;
    • penis circumference on erection;
    • penis length without erection;
    • Organ circumference in a calm state.

    If you are serious and are ready to practice for a long time, then the increase will certainly occur - both in length and in thickness!