How is the operation to increase the length and thickness of the penis: methods and how much does it cost

penis enlargement surgery

Most of the time, men are not satisfied with the size of their genitals. In addition, they are thinking about or even planning to clarify the possibility of a surgical penis enlargement.

Among all the existing methods to change the size of the penis, it is the penile enlargement surgery that guarantees the result, but at the same time it is one of the most difficult paths that open up for a man thinking about enlarging his penis.

Before deciding to enlarge your penis by surgery, you need to think again and again, weigh all the pros and cons of this choice, and most importantly, you need to visit a specialist who will help you understand the penis enlargement option or you may prove that it is not. required.

Information on the costs of penis enlargement surgery is described below.

Existing Methods of Penis Enlargement Surgery

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There are many penis enlargement techniques, but most of them are non-surgical options.

As for the operations, they are divided according to their direction: lengthening or thickening.

Penile lengthening operations include:

  • Ligamentotomy;
  • Falloprosthetics.

And the operations group to thicken a member includes:

  • Lipofilling;
  • Introduction of polymeric materials;
  • Muscle Transplant.

Indications and contraindications

There are several indications for surgical penis enlargement:

  • Curvature or Peyronie's Disease;
  • Prejudice;
  • Dysfunction due to cavernous fibrosis;
  • Phallus underdevelopment;
  • congenital anomalies
  • The impossibility of intimacy;
  • Absence of any positive results from conservative treatment;
  • Length less than 12 cm when erect.

However, there are several contraindications, in which the method of surgically enlarging the penis will be strictly prohibited:

  • Disorders in the blood clotting system;
  • Acute inflammation affecting the penis;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • The presence of pustules or ulcers on the penis;
  • Severe or concomitant chronic diseases in the decompensated phase.

What are Penis Enlargement Operations

Thanks to surgery, the size of the penis can be increased by 3-5 cm. While this may inspire a man who has decided on a radical change, he must take into account that the next procedure will not look aesthetically pleasing. And the rehabilitation period after the augmentation will be painful and difficult.

There are several technical approaches in each of the existing directions.

Organ Elongation


First, you can describe ligamentotomy, meaning an enlargement of the penis.

Before performing this operation, an examination by an andrologist and an anesthesiologist is required.

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The doctor crosses the ligament of suspension in the penis, which is immersed in the pelvis and anchored in your bones, while holding it partially inside the body, part of the actual length of the penis. In this way, its increase is based precisely on the fact that the inner part is released.

When the ligament is dissected, the surgeon removes the anteriorly hidden part of the masculinity and sutures the wound. It is worth clarifying at the outset that the operation does not cause a sudden increase in the length of the organ, but only contributes to it in combination with the use of an extender in the postoperative period.


Phalloplasty is a more complicated procedure, as it requires a lot of effort and time from both the surgeon and the patient. It is performed under general anesthesia. After making an incision for quick access to the spongy bodies, the surgeon installs a special implant.

penis enlargement prostheses

The operation depends on the type of implant that will be used. Currently there are:

  • Rigid dentures are almost never used;
  • plastic prostheses;
  • Inflatable prostheses.

This type of operation is very difficult, but also the most effective. However, the doctor can only perform it if there are strict indications, and not just at the client's request.



injectable penis enlargement

Lipofilling is also performed under general anesthesia. In this case, the cells are first taken from the place in the patient's body where most of them are found. The resulting material is completely refined to obtain so-called "pure" fats. They are introduced into male dignity through a microneedle, then the organ and injection sites are disinfected and a bandage is applied. The entire operation takes no more than an hour.

A great advantage for the patient is the introduction of their own cells in order to exclude an allergic reaction or rejection of them.

The introduction of polymeric materials, most often synthetic gels or similar fillers.

However, its introduction does not give permanent results and the operation usually needs to be repeated every six months to three years, depending on the choice of material and its quantity.

muscle transplant

Muscle transplantation is a microsurgery. For transplantation, most of the time a flap is removed from the rectus muscle of the abdominal wall. The phallus is wrapped around this flap and then the vessels are sutured to it. This makes it possible to increase the thickness of the organ by 3-4 cm.

preparation phase

examination before penis enlargement surgery

Between the surgeon's final decision and the start of the operation, a certain period of time elapses, which includes careful and responsible preparation for the surgical intervention.

The patient is examined by all the necessary specialists to identify the presence or absence of possible contraindications, whether the patient can receive general anesthesia, the presence of allergy to certain medications, as well as to the materials used during the procedure.

In addition, the man is referred for an appointment with a psychologist. This is necessary to identify mental abnormalities that are contraindications to the procedure.

Only after performing a complete examination with the delivery of all tests, as well as receiving the results and conclusions of all experts, the day of the operation is scheduled.

At the same time, 2-3 days before that, the patient is prohibited from drinking alcohol and smoking, and the day is advised not to eat and to limit the amount of water consumed.


In the case of ligamentotomy, the postoperative period in a hospital environment lasts only one day. During this period, the man is observed by a urologist and explains how to use an extender in the future. At first, the device should be used for 2 hours a day, gradually this time increases. On average, changes in the penis, such as a 5 mm elongation, are seen for just over a week.

In addition, antibacterials and analgesics are prescribed, the time for the next appointment with the assistant physician, careful monitoring of your own personal hygiene, and the practice of physical activity or sexual intercourse is prohibited until the physician approves otherwise. The stitches heal very quickly and after 14-21 days the stitch is almost invisible.

When a phalloprosthesis is performed, the postoperative period is more difficult. Antibacterial drugs and antibiotics are prescribed to the patient, and physical exercise and intimacy are prohibited. And for the first two days after the actual operation, he stays in the hospital and is limited to bed rest. And after 10 days, you can already do relatively calm daily activities.

patient examination after penis enlargement surgery

Postoperatively, after lipofilling, the man is hospitalized for only one night, and the entire rehabilitation takes just one month.

The doctor's main requirement during this period is to exclude intercourse. Medications can also be prescribed.

After a muscle transplant, the man is hospitalized for a maximum of two days. After being sent home with an indication of when the next exams will be performed, which medications to take and how to complement the personal hygiene procedures.

possible complications

In no case should we forget that any surgical intervention can lead to certain complications. Aesthetically, it is possible that the result obtained after the operation does not satisfy the patient. Other complications can occur:

  • Bleeding from seams and formation of bruises;
  • Increased body temperature (most of the time passes quickly without the use of drugs);
  • The appearance of scars that impair the appearance of the organ;
  • Postoperative suture infection;
  • Development of temporary or even complete sexual dysfunction;
  • Psycho-emotional trauma of a man;
  • Tissue resorption or necrosis;
  • Thrombosis of the vessels of the penis;
  • Decreased or loss of sensitivity of the phallus;
  • Formation of an unusual erection angle for a man.

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

the surgeon received money for a penis enlargement surgery

The pricing policy, in the case of penile enlargement surgeries, is available for consultation by potential customers at any hospital.

The final cost depends on the type of surgery, the surgeon's professionalism, the clinic's prestige, and other factors.


Question: "how to enlarge the penis by surgery? "often interested in men.

But before finally deciding on this method, you need to figure out what the price of the operation is, calculate the finances, assess your own body strength, do certain tests, once again correctly measure your penis size, and weigh your emotional readiness to such a risky step.

Furthermore, once this choice has been decided, the man is obliged to look for the most qualified doctor, not focusing on how much a penis enlargement operation costs.

Finding a cheaper solution to a problem could later become the biggest mistake he could make.