Does penis enlargement gel help with penis growth?

a man looks inside his pants and wants to enlarge his dick with gel

When choosing a penis enlargement gel, you need to be armed with information - which remedy works quickly and effectively, are there any side reactions, how to use it correctly and what reviews does the herbal preparation have.

Many men are dissatisfied with their penis size. Several circumstances contribute to this moment: dissatisfaction of the partner, conflicts in the couple, viewing pornographic photos. As you know, in adult movies, all actors have impressive penis sizes: both in length and in thickness.

Perhaps the gel-cream for penis enlargement is the safest method, but far from the fastest. Many means must be used within 3-4 months to obtain a visible result, and some do not help at all - they appear as a publicity stunt, promising an increase in the phallus by 7-10 centimeters in 2 weeks.

All ointments for penis growth work on the same principle - they increase the flow of arterial blood in the reproductive organ, which contributes to the elongation of the corpora cavernosa. They differ in manufacturer, cost, composition, instructions. Most often, a gel or cream must be combined with special exercises, devices.

Benefits and effectiveness of penis enlargement gels

A male's reproductive organ consists of a spongy body and corpora cavernosa. At the time of arousal, there is a rush of blood to these cavities, which contributes to a good rise and a long erection. Gels for men act as some sort of irritant that causes a rush of blood to greater volume, respectively, bodies are filled with more, which leads to stretching.

groin pain as a contraindication to the use of penis enlargement gel

So, if you use the remedy for a long time, there will be a stretching of the cavities, as a result, the sexual organ during an erection will become larger by several centimeters.

The use of topical agents contributes to the normalization of blood circulation, enriches cells and soft tissues with nutrients necessary for growth. The penis increases in length and thickness, the condition of the skin improves. Creams have a positive effect on men's sexual activity, they can increase potency, improve erection.

Against the background of using the cream, blood flow is accelerated and active cell division occurs. These aspects are potentiated by the mechanical action on the penis. For example, during pumping or manual stretching of the phallus.

Benefits of penis enlargement creams:

  • Can be used at any age;
  • No contraindications;
  • Of the side effects, only an allergy to the components (the probability of development is small);
  • Herbal composition that is not harmful to health;
  • Home application;
  • Relatively low cost.

As for efficiency, not everything is clear. There are completely opposite opinions on different media. Despite the claims of manufacturers, there is no universal gel that will help everyone without exception. Therefore, you will have to try to be patient until you find the perfect option.

There are several types of gels. The first group includes means of short-term effect - the penis increases for several hours, it is used before sex. The second group includes long-acting gels - you need to use it for a long time, but the result persists for a lifetime. The third category is specialized ointments used in combination with other penis enlargement methods.

The best penis enlargement gels

Various penis enlargement gels are sold. You need to buy them online from the manufacturer's official website. In the pharmacy, funds for penis growth are not provided. Among men, an herbal remedy that increases the length and thickness of the reproductive organ is popular.

The composition is natural. Thistle extract helps increase blood testosterone level, can help increase potency. Goryanka increases sexual desire, has a positive effect on spermatogenesis, respectively, on male fertility. Peruvian maca (another name is "grass for sex") improves blood circulation in the pelvis, has a beneficial effect on the reproductive system.

The composition contains other components designed to enhance the effect of biologically active substances. Product usage instructions:

  1. Wash the penis, dry it.
  2. Apply to the penis during erection.
  3. Rub onto the trunk, distributing evenly over the entire surface.
  4. Use 20-30 minutes before sex.

According to men, the gel exacerbates sensations during intimacy, increases the duration of sexual intercourse and combats premature ejaculation. The instruction says that penis growth starts after 2 weeks of daily use. Most of the time, this cream is combined with a pump or an extender.

Creams are not a panacea, meaning a penis doesn't grow in a week. To achieve the desired effect, gels are used for several months. Their effectiveness does not depend on the age of the man, so they can be used both at 18 and 50 years of age.