How to quickly enlarge a penis at home

Almost every man thinks it would be nice to get a few more inches in the length and thickness of his penis. Not everyone can solve the problem radically with plastic surgery. But alternative methods are often used. Below, you will learn in detail how to quickly enlarge a penis with the help of various techniques that have proven their effectiveness - massage, exercises, vacuum devices, attachments, external and folk remedies, medicines and food supplements.

get a massage

Massaging the penis is the most popular technique that increases the elasticity of the cells of the penis, increases the volume of the cells of the cavernous bodies filled with blood during an erection. If you massage regularly and for a long time, the phallus will begin to grow in both circumference and length.

Before each lesson, conduct preparation, which includes:

  • hygiene procedures for cleaning the skin of the genitals;
  • heating fabrics with hot shower, bath, compresses;
  • moisturizer - massage oil, regular lubricant, penis enlargement lubricant.

When ready, start the massage:

  • secure the root of the trunk with a ring of forefinger and thumb;
  • slowly direct the hand to the head, evenly directing the blood throughout the organ;
  • fix the hand near the foreskin for 10 seconds;
  • take the penis and head, stretch the organ to the maximum distance;
  • in this state, correct for 30 seconds;
  • stretch the organ to restore blood circulation.
warm tissues in the shower before penis enlargement

Repeat these steps with a 10-minute break so as not to injure tissue and blood vessels. Practice the massage as long as possible, but no less than 4 weeks to get the first results. The maximum increase that guys experienced in this matter reached more 7 cm in length, 3 cm in volume.

Do penis enlargement exercises

Exercise is another type of manual training with which you can quickly increase the length and thickness of your penis. There is even a term like penis construction (construction construction). There are many techniques, you can practice one or several at the same time, it all depends on the desire and the expected end result.

Exercise techniques:

  1. Fixation. The technique aims to increase the thickness of the organ in 5 minutes, but subject to daily action. You need to keep the blood in the penis by artificially stretching it. Wrap the barrel to the head with an elastic bandage, place and fit a special clip on the base. Erection should not be 100%, train no more than 4 times a month, starting from 30 to 60 seconds, taking the set to 5 minutes. The result is 1. 5-2 cm more for the circumference.
  2. jelqing. Technique that came from the Arab countries. First you practice wet jelq (using lubrication), when you gain experience you can proceed to dry jelq (no moisture). The principle of the exercise is the milking of the penis, when with a two-finger ring you forcefully stretch the penis towards the head without touching it. Do 100-200 repetitions daily at 2/2, 3/3 and 5/2 times.
  3. Uli exercises. Dangerous technique for those who already have training experience. Warm up the organ, bring an erection not more than 50-70%. After that, take your thumb and forefinger, squeeze. Fix for half a minute, with the same pressure move to the middle of the torso. In this position, also remain for half a minute, and then move to the head, not reaching 2-3 cm. There, hold the pressure for 20 seconds. Do up to 5 sets a day, take 2 days off a week.
  4. Kegel exercises. A simple technique that can be performed anywhere. It involves tightening and relaxing the pubococcygeus muscle for 5-10 minutes daily. Vary the compression time from a few seconds to half a minute or more.
  5. Taoist practices. The oldest technique, which involves manual gymnastics - twisting, stretching, squeezing, but together with breathing exercises. At this time, you need to press a little with three fingers of the second hand on the perineum. Practice for several months in a row to get a steady increase.

During training, be sure to prepare - hygiene, heating, application of moisturizer. Observe the gradation, perform the first exercises with half strength so as not to injure the organ, gradually increasing the load and duration of the procedures.

Upon completion, put on cotton, loose underwear, take time to rest.

apply vacuum tools

The use of mechanical devices to enlarge the phallus is primarily a medical method to correct the shape of an organ. One such device is a vacuum pump that improves blood circulation in the tissues of the genitals. The range of pumps allows you to choose a model according to different physiological parameters.

pump types:

  1. Manual- a pump with a pear pumping air out of the flask. The penis is placed inside, after which you regulate the speed and intensity of the vacuum yourself.
  2. Electric- a model with automatic activation, where the pumping level is regulated by self-control. You place the barrel inside the flask, select the charge level by looking at the screen.
  3. Water- put water into the bottle, put it on the penis, pressing the base against the pubis. When pressing, you will compress the ripple, excess water will move away, creating a vacuum effect. The tension force is observed at the control sensor.

The condition for the effective use of a vacuum pump is the matching of the parameters of the penis with the cylinders and cuffs of the device.

The first session lasts no more than 5 minutes, preheat the phallus, moisturize with lubricant. Gradually increase the procedure to 15-20 minutes. According to the reviews of experienced men, in a month you can increase 4 cm in length, 1. 5 cm in circumference.

vacuum pump for penis enlargement

Apply fast-acting topical products

There are many ways to enlarge your penis quickly, for example in 1 session or 1 day. One is the external means of instantaneous action. They can be used intermittently before intercourse or continuously to seal in the results.

Penis enlargement creams, gels and sprays can be classified according to their composition:

  • vegetable;
  • animals;
  • combined (vegetable + animal substances);
  • hormones;
  • fermented;
  • with nitroglycerin;
  • with heparin.

From this list, hormonal drugs require a medical consultation.

Apply the selected product 10-20 minutes before sexual intercourse, performing a light massage. To speed up the achievement of the effect, you can perform the exercises described above with these means. They act quickly, but guarantee an increase of up to 1-3 cm to the existing parameters, subject to regular use of the stroke.

Take medication or food supplements to enlarge your penis

Successful transformation of the penis towards its enlargement is possible with the use of special preparations and food supplements. All products offered by manufacturers work indirectly - they saturate the tissues with vitamins, amino acids, micro and macro elements for the full functioning of the organ.

There are several groups of drugs for penis enlargement:

  1. food suplements. They contain natural components that have a cumulative pharmacological and physiological effect. It consists of accelerating metabolism, improving metabolic processes.
  2. vitamins. To stimulate sexual functions, improve potency and erection, complexes that include zinc and selenium, vitamins of group B, E, proteins, amino acids and mineral components are needed.
  3. PDE-5 inhibitors.Pharmaceutical antihypertensive drugs used as prescribed by a doctor. Used to strengthen erection, prolong sexual intercourse.
  4. hormonal pills. Pharmaceutical medicines that can only be taken with a prescription. They act as a source of testosterone for the treatment of impotence, erectile disorders, delayed puberty.

Taking drugs optimizes the functioning of the reproductive system, increases libido and potency, eliminates the problem of premature ejaculation, improves blood flow in the genital area.

The effect is possible only with the application of the course, medical consultation and combination with other methods - up to 1-3 cm in length and circumference.

Turn to fast-acting folk remedies

With the help of recipes and folk remedies, you can create the most favorable conditions for penis enlargement - get rid of stress, normalize general health, increase sexual activity.

The following methods can promise a quick result:

  1. infusions. Herbal preparations relieve tension, stress, increase tone. It is desirable to carry out them as a regular course, in combination with other methods described above. Prepare infusions of ephedrine and peppermint, motherwort and valerian, hops, marigold with yarrow, willow, golden root and kopek, chamomile and ginseng.
  2. honey and soda. A fast-acting universal recipe to increase blood circulation in the genital area, improve the condition of the veins. Mix the products, apply to the penis with a gauze bandage for 10 minutes. Course - 7 of these procedures.
  3. bee products. They improve metabolic processes, stimulate the immune system, dilate blood vessels to stimulate blood flow. For example, perch, royal jelly, dead bees, honey.
  4. petrolatum. Folk remedy, but requiring the participation of a doctor. The specialist injects petroleum jelly under the skin of the penis in different areas for an even distribution. The effect will be instant, you can grow a penis up to 2-3 cm. The method is risky, so you need to see a doctor.
  5. Star.Apply this remedy mixed with baby cream on the shaft of the penis. The ointment improves local blood circulation, stimulating tissue stretching. The effect will be quick but temporary.

Traditional medicine alone will not be enough to get quick results, so combine it with exercises, massages, vacuum techniques.

Use penis enlargers

High technologies have made a great contribution to the intimate sphere, offering special devices to enhance the sensations of penetration due to the increase in the length and thickness of the phallus. We are talking about special nozzles that differ in the materials of manufacture, in the effects achieved.

Today on sale the following types of nozzles are offered:

  1. Stretching- completely cover the shaft of the penis, adding the desired number of centimeters to it. Additional properties - contraception, protection against disease and pregnancy, prolonging sexual intercourse. They can stretch from 2 to 20 cm, materials are different from delicate and soft to dense.
  2. thickening- designed to increase the diameter of the phallus as well as stimulate the walls of the vagina during sex. They are mostly made of silicone, designed for the purpose of an erection ring. They are distinguished by an open shape, in which the head remains outside.
  3. Nozzles - rings- designed to limit blood outflow from the phallus, prolonging erection and intercourse. Can be used at a time for no more than 10-15 minutes. They are transparent silicone, vibrating silicone or rubber, metal, restrictive silicone, with clamps.
  4. Stimulants- models with additional elements on the surface. They not only lengthen and thicken the penis, but also stimulate the erogenous zones. There are open and closed, for clitoral stimulation or vaginal, with curved end for G-spot stimulation. Relief - ribs, spines, spines, antennae, balls, etc.
  5. Realist- differ in manufacturing materials, as close as possible to human skin. There are any shapes, sizes, with or without relief, elastic bands, which quickly measure the temperature of the human body.
  6. with vibrator– the effect of vibration increases the sharpness of sensations during sex. The vibrating bullet is located at the base, tip or along the entire length of the nozzle.
  7. big head- Special nipples to give clarity of sensations during sex. Made primarily from silicone, complemented with a relief for deep stimulation.
  8. for double penetration- this model not only lengthens and thickens the penis, but also works in conjunction with a nipple for double penetration. It can be with a loop for the scrotum or in the form of a strap-on phallus.
  9. condoms- The models imitate the classic condom, but get stuck on the penis due to the vacuum effect. They differ in denser materials that reduce the sensitivity of the phallus, thus prolonging sex.
  10. for the clitoris- in addition to building a penis, this nipple provides a special element that stimulates the clitoris during sex.

Most of the time, nipples are made of cyberskin, silicone, gel, latex, elastomer, plastic and rubber.

penis enlargement accessory

If all else fails, see a doctor.

If none of the above methods have helped to enlarge the penis, then they resort to a radical method - surgery. She needs medical advice, so they turn to the doctor for advice.

Penis enlargement operations:

  1. ligamentotomy- an operation to prepare the penis for stretching with an extender. The surgeon cuts the ligament that attaches the organ to the pelvic bone.
  2. lipofilling- move fat cells to the penis in one go. The material itself takes root easily, adding up to 1. 5 cm to the circumference.
  3. Hyaluronic acid injections- the introduction of a substance under the skin to correct the shape, increase the thickness. The result is another 0. 5-1. 5 cm for the diameter.
  4. Introduction of gel and silicone implants- the size of the implant is selected, it is inserted under anesthesia through an incision in the groin. The result is persistent thickening, an increase in length by 4-6 cm.
  5. Implantation of Absorbable Matrix– a method of thickening an organ by introducing organic matrices with fibroblasts. The result is another 1. 5 cm per year.
  6. Plastic– a complex of operations and procedures for correction, thickening and lengthening of the penis under the guidance of a plastic surgeon.
  7. plastic penile prosthesis- rigid plastic, inflatable two- or three-component elements are used as prostheses.

The advantages of surgery are minimal trauma, quick results, lifetime effect, and reliability. Cons - price, risks of introduction into the body.


Remember that there are no magical ways to enlarge your penis. All methods, preparations, devices require long-term persistent work. Start with programs for beginners, gradually increasing the degree of load without risk of injury. For a fast and stable result, combine several methods at the same time, do not deviate from the instructions.