penis enlargement exercises

There are many alternative methods of penis enlargement, each technique has its own characteristics and rules. The best indicators can boast of special exercises for penis enlargement, but only if you are ready for long and hard work. The resulting increase in penis length and thickness will be permanent and will continue even after training is stopped. What exercises can reach + 2-4 cm and if it is real, we will discuss later. Let's say in advance - yes, it is really possible to increase the penis with exercises by 2-4 cm!

Exercises to enlarge the penis and improve erection

Don't know how to enlarge the penis with exercises, how realistic is it? The fact is that 30-50% of the tissues in the penis are smooth muscles, which are the walls of blood vessels and corpora cavernosa. And, as you know, any muscle can be stretched and developed. You can make them grow with exercise and stress. Numerous exercises are practiced for this, but we consider the following options as the most effective to improve erection and size growth:

  • Kegel exercises;
  • WallyWallyUp with a towel;
  • helicopter;
  • Taoist practices;
  • flexion;
  • jelqing;
  • Bell;
  • Julia.

Where did this information come from that with the help of exercises really help to enlarge the penis? In 1970, British physician Richard Bryan published the results of his research in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. It was said there that regular and systematic practices for several months can guarantee + 2-4 cm to the existing parameters without pills and operations.

Kegel exercises

In 1948, American gynecologist Dr. Kegel initially developed special techniques and exercises for women who had recently given birth. Proper training will help improve the functioning of the urethra. Later it was found that the beneficial effects are also in men, in particular, on Organs genitals and on the quality of sex.

The main task of the exercises is to train the pubococcygeus muscle. To find it, you need to hold the flow of urine during urination, it's the muscle that's going to contract that's needed. So every day, whenever possible, squeeze and release for 10 seconds, 2-3 reps.

With a towel on the end (WallyWallyUp)

One cool technique is WallyWallyUp, which is definitely worth a try if you really want to improve your penis parameters. To play, sit on the edge of a chair so that the organ appears to be hanging. Then hang a towel on it and try to hold it for 5 seconds 20 reps. Over time, you can complicate the task by dipping the towel in water.


As you know, gym exercises are especially good for stretching muscles as well as improving blood supply. The best results are promised by the helicopter exercise, in which you take the head of the penis in your hand, lift it up and then do a 180 degree rotation exercise, directing it to the right, down and left and right. opposite direction. You need to twist for 30 seconds for 5 reps.

Taoist practices

Another effective exercise for penis enlargement is Taoist practices, during which, in addition to manipulating the organ, you will need to feel the flows of internal energy in your body. How it happens:

  • take a sip of air and feel how it passes into the stomach, pushing through it, and then descends as a clot of energy in the groin area and concentrates on the penis;
  • lower the penis back, pressing the area between the scrotum and anus;
  • now bring your breath back to normal, knead the phallus;
  • grab the head, pull it back and forth to the maximum limit, repeating another 35 approaches;
  • massage the head with your thumb.

It is extremely important to warm the penis before such actions with a hot shower or bath, a hot compress or massage. Finish each workout the same way.

Penis shaft flexion

If you do not follow the instructions on how to enlarge the penis with flexion exercises, the risk of injury is very high. Therefore, you need to start with a minimum angle of inclination, increasing it each week. This is done both in a soft penis and in a semi-erect state.

Start by bending in different directions for 5-10 repetitions, with each bend, fix the organ for a few seconds. The most extreme way is to sit on the phallus. To do this, grab the penis by the head and pull it back, take the testicles to the side, fix the organ by squeezing the legs, and then gently sit down. In this position, stretching occurs in both length and volume.


Jelqing Exercises to Enlarge the Penis

The basic technique is Jelqing, which must be mastered first. Form a ring with two fingers (thumb and index), hold the base of the phallus with it, then, with pressure, advance towards the head, but without affecting it. You can perform two types of Jelqing:

  • wet - a technique for beginners, when a lubricant is first applied to the skin of the organ;
  • dry - "milking" the phallus does not involve the use of lubricants and creams.

At the same time, the compression force must be constant, it can be performed alternately with both hands. The degree of erection does not exceed 30-40%. If the organ is soft, Jelqing contributes to an increase in length, if it is hard - girth.


This exercise specializes in stretching the ligamentous apparatus of the phallus. To do this, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and start making circular motions with your hips to swing your penis from side to side, imitating a bell. A simple and painless exercise, it is important that the organ is soft and relaxed.


With the help of such an exercise, a man, as it were, squeezes the penis with clamps, stimulating the maximum supply of blood to the organ. The main task is to increase the volume of the phallus. Some brands produce special clamps for fixing. During classes, you can use one and several clamps, while the skin of the organ is protected by a gasket or winding.

Proper execution guarantees a blockage of the outflow of blood, as a result of which the corpora cavernosa under blood pressure will stretch, be damaged and, therefore, grow. The ideal training regimen is 15 minutes per exercise, 3-4 sets. But for the first few attempts, start with 10 minutes. If you feel numbness, tingling, immediately remove the clamp and then do a light Jelqing.

Julia's Technique

To increase the girth of the penis, you need to do this exercise and only after jelqing. The level of erection in this case is 60-80%. You need to use two fingers to secure the base of the penis with a ring, pinching the blood out. A grip with the same degree of pressure in 2 steps should move towards the head, but at the same time, decelerating every 15 seconds. Now the compression is slightly loosened, returning to its original position.

Perform such manipulations 3-4 sets of 5 repetitions. Well, if you do a Kegel workout in front of Yulia, it will get the blood pumping in the right place. At the same time, make sure that the adhesion to the base is not excessive, otherwise it will injure the vessels. It is performed with one hand and with both hands alternately.

In order not to make mistakes in the technique of performing the exercises, previously watch a video with a visual demonstration of each proposed exercise. Consult your doctor if it is possible, in your case, to engage in self-enlargement of the penis.

penis stretching exercises

If you just want to increase your penis length, you can try some effective exercises at home to change this parameter. The best results are demonstrated by the following stretching gymnastics exercises:

  • simple stretching;
  • circular stretching;
  • seated stretching;
  • V stretching.

Before each technique, the male member needs to be prepared - make a hot compress, take a hot shower or bath, rub it with a massage. The practice should be 3 to 6 months to fix the real increase.

simple stretch

You need to make a ring with two fingers, take the base of the penis and stretch it towards the pubis. In the maximum possible position, take 5 seconds. Now you can do the same stretch in different directions alternately - right, left, up and down with the same fixation for 5 seconds. When performing these exercises, make sure that there is a little discomfort, but no pain, numbness, tingling.

circular stretching

Hold the head of the penis with your fingers, to be more precise, its base, and then pull the penis forward, hold for 5 seconds and pull it up in the same way. Now redirect from the top position in a counterclockwise circle. Do 25 of these circular stretches at a time, and after each turn, massage to normalize blood circulation.

seated stretch

To perform this gymnastics, achieve an erection of up to 30-40%, move the scrotum to the side and position the penis with the head in the anus. After that, gradually sit on top, putting pressure on the corpora cavernosa and the tunic, which is responsible for the length of the organ.

V stretching

For such a lesson, an erection is not necessary. Grasp the base of the phallus head with your thumb and forefinger and pull it towards the body, holding it for 5-7 seconds. In parallel, slide your finger from the root to the base of the head of the penis and in the opposite direction, lightly pressing the shaft. Perform 10 repetitions, before and after exercise, do a warm-up massage.

Exercises to increase the thickness of the penis

If a man is completely satisfied with the length of his reproductive organ, but the thickness of the penis is extremely deficient, you can practice special exercises that develop this specific parameter. The most effective methods are as follows:

  • drilling;
  • twist;
  • slopes.


The essence of such activity involves forcing the spongy body of the phallus, within which the urethra is located. To begin with, you need to get an erection of 50-80%, then press your thumb to the base of the penis from above and with the rest of your fingers from below, almost in the scrotum, a cavity in the area of the junction of the corpora cavernosa.

You should get half a circumference, move it with effort toward the head, and then pull back, but with a lesser degree of impact. Repeat these steps for 10 to 15 repetitions. If your penis swells the next day after practice, take a break for 1-2 days.


With one hand, so to speak, touch the base of the reproductive organ, at this time, with the other, hold the base of the head according to the same principle. Now lightly squeeze the organ with your hands in two places at the same time to increase blood pressure, and then perform twisting movements, as if you were twisting clothes.


Hold your penis in your hand and pull it forward as far as possible, then alternately tilt it in different directions. In each of them, the organ is fixed for 10 seconds. At the end, give a light massage to normalize blood circulation.