Penis Head Enlargement: How to Enlarge the Penis Head

According to a sociological survey, 45% of men are not satisfied with their penis size. Some of them want to increase it in length, others don't have a little diameter, and still others want to increase the head completely.

A part of men perceive this situation calmly, according to the principle that is given by nature, you can't fix anything and you have to live with what you have.

But, the other part is on a never-ending quest for real ways that aim to increase the head.

Anyway, if you can make your penis bigger, why not do the same for your head? Is it necessary to find out how to seriously increase the head of the penis and which method is the safest and most durable?

Big head with operation

In the modern world, medicine offers an opportunity to enlarge the glans of the penis, and quickly, it does not hurt and, most importantly, it is safe. However, an operation is an operation, is everything really rosy?

Indications for surgical intervention:

  • If the head of the penis is equal in diameter to the base of the penis, or even smaller than the diameter of the trunk.
  • If a man wants to lengthen his penis with an extender but his head is too small to fix it.
  • Head augmentation in combination with penis lengthening surgery.
surgical enlargement of the head of the penis

The essence of the procedure is that a special gel (created on the basis of hyaluronic acid) is injected into the head of the penis, as a result of this injection, and an enlargement occurs. On the clinics website there are photos before and after the procedure.

The procedure is always performed under local anesthesia, and it is not considered difficult, as the surgical intervention consists only of introducing the drug, so we can say that this is not even an operation.

The duration of the procedure is not more than half an hour, the head of the penis becomes larger, it acquires elasticity and a more saturated color.

As the procedure is not a complex intervention, it will take little time to recover, you will not have to limit yourself to anything except sex for 3 days. After they expire, you can safely return to a rich sex life.

Contraindications of the procedure:

  1. Inflammatory processes in the genitals.
  2. Venereal diseases.
  3. Excessively narrow and long flesh.

Although the enlargement method is not very complicated, one can even say "simple" compared to other operations, there is still a risk of bruising, suppuration and uneven distribution of the gel, causing the head to completely lose its shape anatomy.

In any case, it is recommended to consider this method as the most extreme, that is, resorting only when other methods have not helped. For example, an alternative is a vacuum pump, which can handle not only head enlargement but also enlargement of the entire penis.

In a way, it gives a short-term effect, due to a large rush of blood to the genitals, but it is possible to consolidate this effect with a specialized gel that enlarges the entire penis, in addition to providing a stable erection with each subscription.

The main thing is to use the pump for several months together with the gel (apply in the morning and in the evening), and after 1 month you will already notice the first positive results, as evidenced by numerous photos and reviews of men on the Internet.

Taoist magnification technique

As mentioned above, a medical raise should be considered an extreme case as no one is immune from complications. On the Internet you can find photos where there are extremely unsuccessful results of the procedure.

Taoist penis enlargement technique

At home, you can handle the increase on your own by performing special exercises.

The Taoist technique for penis enlargement is performed as follows:

  • Hold the base of the penis with your right hand.
  • Strongly, hold your left hand over the organ's head, touching all its sides.
  • The occurrence of pain is normal.
  • Drive on the head by hand, pulling it in different directions, takes about 5 minutes.
  • Change hands, repeat the procedure.

There are videos on the internet, as well as step-by-step photos of how to exercise properly at home.

Also, in the Taoist technique, there is an exercise focused not only on increasing at home, but also increasing the length of the penis. The essence of the training is as follows:

  1. Grasp the base of the penis with one hand.
  2. With the other hand, "pinch" the head, pulling it up.
  3. After that, compress the shaft of the penis, as a result of which more blood flow will be provided.
  4. Hold your breath for 10 seconds, relax your hand.

You need to "pinch" your head at least 4 times in a session, repeat the exercise every day. In addition to the method, you can add a cream that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and, due to its potent substances, stretches the penis from the inside, making it bigger.

touch technique

penis head and its enlargement

Many men have changed their head size with an interesting technique that involves tapping the limb on the thigh, which leads to a head enlargement. Technique:

Sit in a chair with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Take a limb in the hand near the base and tap the inner surface of the thigh, alternating right and left.

The blow should be sharp but painless.

As a result of such an exercise, the head hardens and increases over time. The duration of a class is 7 minutes.

To achieve certain results, it will be necessary to train regularly and daily. If a man wants an instant boost, only surgery will help.

However, it is worth remembering that no one is immune to complications, as evidenced by numerous photo and video materials on the internet.