Pump for penis enlargement, how to use, instructions

penis pump

A penis pump is a worthy alternative to surgery and pills! It is now quite possible to enlarge the penis by several centimeters without the help of doctors and expensive procedures. How does the pump work, how to use this simulator correctly and what restrictions do manufacturers indicate for use?

Features of the device for penis enlargement

A penis enlargement pump is a vacuum device in the form of a clear plastic bottle and a pump, with which the user pumps air out of the reservoir and creates the necessary pressure.

To secure the penis to the bottle, it is recommended to use an elastic ring made of medical grade silicone. The design includes pads made of soft latex, which provide wearing comfort and prevent skin damage.

This is what devices from well-known manufacturers look like, home-made pumps may not have elastic rings and gaskets.

The working principle of the device is to create a high pressure inside the bottle, resulting in an improvement in blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis, which are stretched in length. Regular exercises increase the penis by 2-3 centimeters, depending on the initial parameters.

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How to use the product correctly

Below are instructions for using the device:

  1. Suck air from the tank with a pump or pear.
  2. Wash the penis well and apply a lubricant on its surface (it can be purchased at a pharmacy or sex shop, it is advisable to use lubricants without fragrances and dyes).
  3. Let your penis erect by masturbating (don't reach orgasm).
  4. Place the genitals in the jar.
  5. When erect, place a fixation ring on the penis.
  6. Gradually increase the pressure in the bottle using the pump, focusing on your feelings.
  7. Continue the procedure for 5 minutes for the first time, gradually increase the time up to 20 minutes in one session.

Do not exceed the time of classes, otherwise bruises and swellings, microtraumas may appear on the genitals, which will subsequently lead to a deterioration in potency. If during training you feel pain, stop the procedure.

To understand how to use your pump, read the manufacturer's instruction manual and watch instructional videos if necessary. It is recommended to use the simulator daily for several weeks. Only with regular use will you notice positive changes.

How to choose the right product

When buying a simulator, pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Buy the device only in specialized stores that provide certificates for their products.
  2. The individual parts of the product must be made of elastic latex or medical silicone, which do not cause allergies in sensitive areas of the skin.
  3. A penis enlargement vacuum pump should be made of safe materials, do not buy glass items which, if damaged, can cause injury.
  4. Modern models are equipped with elements that regulate the pressure level, which makes the procedure more efficient.
  5. Do not skimp on the product, as your health depends on its quality.

Variety of designs

There are expensive water models that can be used while bathing in a relaxed state. These are the best pumps that are distinguished by ease of use, water resistance and the ability to regulate the pressure level.

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You can purchase electrical devices that, when connected to the network, automatically create a vacuum in the tank.

Cheap look - craft. In this case, you remove the air yourself. The cost of the simulator is not high, but this does not affect its effectiveness.

Is it possible to make the device yourself?

For safety, it is not recommended to use artisanal artifacts that could damage the cavernous bodies of the genitals. If you still decide to make a pump for penis enlargement with your own hands, then it is recommended not to skimp on raw materials.

As a cylinder, you can use a large, wide syringe (it is sold in a pharmacy). It is important that its interior is smooth and undamaged. As a sealant that will maintain the vacuum in the syringe, you can use a pear from an old device to measure blood pressure.

How to make the device yourself?

Below are the construction steps:

  1. Drill a small hole in the end of the cylinder.
  2. Insert a plastic tube into it, at the end of which there is a rubber bulb attached. The tube must be made of durable, high-density material.
  3. Place a soft cloth or sponge around the edges of the syringe to protect the genitals from injury.
  4. Connect all elements with a sealant. The thickness of the sealing layer must be the same everywhere.

Important! Do not use the device immediately after manufacture, it is allowed to use it only a few days after the sealant has completely dried. Before training, clean all parts of the device with an antiseptic solution.

How to properly care for the device

If you want the penis enlargement vacuum pump to serve you for a long time, follow the rules for taking care of the device:

  1. Before using the product for the first time, wash it well in warm water with soap and water, wipe it with a towel or paper napkins and treat it with an antiseptic (common medical alcohol can be taken for this purpose).
  2. Buy a lubricant in advance that does not contain grease, oils, Vaseline, aromatic components. Lubricants can be water-based or silicone-based. A poor quality product can cause allergies and damage individual elements.
  3. After each session, wash the device well with soap and water, store it dry and out of the reach of children.
  4. Handle all elements with care, do not allow them to be damaged.
  5. Do not clean the device with hydrogen peroxide, do not use very hot water to clean it.

Contraindications for use

With proper training, the product is safe for a man, however, there are limitations in which it is better to choose another method of penis enlargement:

  1. Mechanical damage and trauma to the foreskin, diseases of the genitourinary system of an infectious nature (not to be used for venereal pathologies).
  2. Urethritis, prostatitis and other inflammatory processes in the acute and chronic phases.
  3. Diabetes.
  4. Renal disease in the last stage.
  5. Violations of the circulatory system.
  6. Thrombosis tendency.

The device must not be used by minors.

Do I need to see a doctor before the procedure?

Before buying a penis enlargement pump, it is recommended to consult a specialist about the suitability and the presence of contraindications. The doctor will perform an examination of the body and help you choose the device that will be most effective for you. A professional will recommend the necessary lubricants to maximize comfort and prevent injury.

For consultation, you can make an appointment with a urologist or sexologist.

Device Reviews

Men's reviews of bombs are mostly positive. Patients observe an increase in the penis of up to 4 centimeters, both in an erection and in a calm state. The first improvements will be noticed after about 10 days of regular procedures.

Reviews indicate the painlessness of manipulation and the absence of discomfort with careful use and following all instructions. As for negative opinions, they are associated with the purchase or manufacture of a low-quality device, non-compliance with instructions or increased sensitivity of Organs genitals.

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Can the product be combined with other products?

To achieve the effect, it is recommended to use the unit with other methods to enlarge the genitals. You can buy a topical botanical gel that improves circulation and results in a slight change in size. Can be used as a lubricant.

The pump combined with regular massage is a great combination that will allow you to enlarge the reproductive organ without surgery. Another way is to take biological supplements to improve blood circulation.

Helpful Tip: If you want to impress your partner, try having a session half an hour before sexual intimacy.

Side effects when using the simulator

In rare cases, if the rules are not followed, adverse reactions may occur:

  1. Redness or blue tint to the skin and mucous membranes.
  2. Painful sensations that are sharp, sharp, or painful in nature.
  3. bruise.
  4. Vascular damage.
  5. Temporary disturbance of erectile function.

If these signs appear, stop applying pressure, carefully remove your genitals from the bottle, and see a doctor.

Item benefits

Modern products have many advantages, namely:

  1. Safe and durable materials that do not cause allergies and injuries.
  2. The ability to adjust the pressure level depending on the degree of preparation.
  3. Guaranteed size change, improving blood circulation and increasing the elasticity of the corpora cavernosa.
  4. Ease of use and speed (no need to spend a lot of time on procedures).
  5. Affordable price for a penis enlargement pump (exact cost depends on materials, manufacturer, additional functions).
  6. Convenient storage and durability.
  7. Compatibility with any lubricants, except those with a greasy texture.

In what cases will the pump not have the desired effect?

With a curvature of the penis and micropenis (size 2-3 centimeters), the device will be useless. In this case, it is necessary to count on the help of a plastic surgeon who will select the best method of enlargement of the reproductive organ.

The operation of the device is based on the principle of regularity, which means that classes must be held every day. If you skip the procedures, you won't see the size change.

So, a device with a penis bottle is a modern and safe tool that will help to get rid of psychological complexes and change the desired parameter without expensive methods with long-term rehabilitation.